About Us

Allen Plant is a family-run business with decades of experience in benefitting customers.

Our aim is to do the basics well... Provide the right equipment, safe, serviced and delivered on-time; backend-up 24 hours a day representing real value for money.

We specialized in welding & engineering equipment, plant & tools with a variety of additional products available via our supply partners.

We remain the "supplier of choice" for over 95% of repeat customers stretching back some 30 years in some cases.

Business has grown as a result of contractors asking us to source more of the equipment they need...Reason being we're easy to do business with and trusted as a "project partner".

Customers range from national contractors on multi-million pound projects, to specialist trades engaged within industrial sector- through to SME's and DIY.

Overall, we are a discreet hands-on team who remain involved at every stage to ensure continued support by meeting your business needs.

We believe in getting the basics right and doing them well, that's how we add value for our customers.